3 Step Chronic Fatigue Rollercoaster Exit Plan

3 Step Chronic Fatigue Rollercoaster Exit Plan | Pearl 'Penny' Lane Soliz | Proverbs 31 Mentor | HappyLittleMomma.com | Remote Administrative Assistance and eBusiness Skills Training for Busy Mompreneurs

Chronic fatigue sucks. Let’s just get that out there right away. It feels like someone is robbing you of your energy, stealing your power, draining your energy and leaving you battling to – at bare minimum – get the most important things done.

It’s hard to gracefully accept what’s happening and it’s harder to stay in a positive mindset about yourself and your goals in the heat of the moment.

Who gives a hoot what anyone else says? You know you aren’t lazy. You know you are dealing with a very real, life-altering issue. Except we do care and what’s worse, we can’t (for the most part) do ANYTHING about what’s happening to us.

Would You Treat Your Child The Way You Treat Yourself?

You need to stop beating yourself up and start taking care of yourself as if you were a child you love and want to help succeed!

3 Step Chronic Fatigue Rollercoaster Exit Plan

My doctor is checking me out but we have more questions than answers, so it’s not like I have much medical recourse right now. However, there are 3 steps I can highly recommend for anyone who is dealing with this frustrating and life-altering problem.

  • Prioritize
    What are the top 3 things that need to be taken care of on a daily basis? For me, it’s my kids, my home, and work. If I can do more, then woohoo! Bonus ducks!

    For those of you who are saying I should put myself in there, hang on. I’ll get to that in a minute. (You know what us mommies are like!)

  • Systematize
    Adopt (or create your own) system to help you put your priorities on autopilot. The FlyLady and the 14-day Makeover Your Morning + Makeover Your Evening courses can definitely help out here.

    Freezer cooking, once-a-week or once-a-month cooking, and menu planning are HUGE helpers too.

    If you’ve got a business or want to start a business online and need help with this part, message me. I can help!

  • Self-Care
    This fatigue thing doesn’t just mess with your body, it messes with your head, emotions, and spirit. Feeling like you can’t even control your own body, much less predict how you’ll be feeling (how tired, how soon you’ll be tired, etc.) makes it hard to be truly involved with all the things you’d like to do.

    First, just acknowledge you are doing your best. Knowledge is power and you know there’s this problem. Now, it’s about how to function in spite of it. By now, you should have Prioritized and Systematized, so give yourself credit for that.

    What we’re doing now is thinking about the things that would take care of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. Bubble baths. Yoga. Bible study. Prayer groups. Drinking enough water. Eating right. Sipping matcha tea.

    Now incorporate as many of these things into your schedule as you can – when and how you can. A Miracle Morning practice can make this so much easier than it sounds.

Granted, these three things are not cures. They won’t stop you from feeling tired all the freakin’ time. What these three things will do is empower you to work within your ‘limitations’ and live a more ‘normal’ life. The only real limitation is the one our mind accepts.

Do I ‘win’ every day? No. Some days my house looks like a tornado went through a daycare or my podcast doesn’t get finished (or even started!). I do my best and that’s all anyone can ask of anyone else. Regardless of whether they deal with chronic fatigue or not.

Wishing you much peace, happiness, and success,
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