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Cheesy joke addicted homeschooler, gamer’s momma, family travel advocate, and pet lover on “an epic adventure for peace, happiness, and success” sums me up nicely! I recently went back to school with the goal of (eventually) becoming a lawyer. I am actively involved with Enactus and am currently campaigning for a yearly or bi-yearly Legal Fair to provide low-income families with estate planning assistance.

Non-traditional online and home education are a passion and I happily take every opportunity to cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit.

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My favorite topics to podcast, blog, and vlog about are:

  • eBusiness
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Family Travel & Adventure
  • Health & Fitness
  • Homeschooling/Education
  • Pets
  • Self-Sufficiency & Survival
  • Technology
  • Working From Home
  • Estate Planning (keep and pass down what you work so hard for!)

Family-Friendly Adventures

The proud momma of two fabulous children, I am most likely to be found plotting a kid and pet-friendly adventure while using my smartphone and tablet to write and connect on social media. I grew up in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas but have lived in the Austin, Texas metro area, Arizona, New York, Georgia, and Iowa.

It is my sincere belief that travel opens up new ways of thinking and seeing and therefore, creates possibility where none was imagined.

Sponsorship, Product Reviews, and Other Business Inquiries

If you are a company, business, or independent crafter and would like for me to review a product or service, please read the Disclaimer below and then (if you are still interested in working with me) connect with me by using the form on my Contact page.


Anything I say here is my personal opinion and does not represent anyone or anything but me. Even when I am compensated (either financially or through the gifting of a product or service), my product reviews are brutally honest. It really bugs me when online searches for the quality, reliability, usefulness, and integrity of a product or service I’m interested in turn out to be fake.

Questions, Shout-Outs, or Suggestions

Whether you want to say “Hi!”, give me a heads-up about a fabulous place or product, or want to ask for a tutorial or review on a specific item, your feedback is always welcome!

Wishing you much peace, happiness, and success,
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