Back to School … I Ain’t Sorry (but is it nap time yet?)

In case you haven’t seen one of my myriad of social media posts about it, I went back to school. At 37. As a homeschooling mom to an amazing teenaged man and a fashion-loving toddler girl.

While it’s been super exciting, it’s also been a stark reminder of how different it is to be working on that degree now that I’m a parent.

I’m Blessed

Before I go on to expound on the differences, I should acknowledge how blessed I am. Not only do I have the opportunity to go back to school because of various financial aid sources (post coming!) but I have an amazing mother who is willing and able to be there for my kids.

You could also argue that I’m also somewhat blessed to have a husband who is something of a micro-money manager and very willing to switch things up a bit here and there. πŸ˜‚

My kids, well …

Single Student vs. Mommy Student

Wow. Where to begin on the comparison! The disposable income? Disposable time? The energy (or lack thereof)? I can’t begin to express how it all affects your ability to focus and concentrate on the lessons at hand.

Back to School …
I Ain’t Sorry
(but is it nap time yet?)
If you think it’s hard to stay awake during a lecture on Monday morning, when you’ve stayed up late partying with your peeps all weekend, imagine how hard it is when you have to stay up late with a sick child and have all those pesky adult issues every day as well.
The professor may be trying to fill your mind with x, y, and z cubed but he’s fighting for space that is already being occupied by bills, investments, sick kids, aging parents, vehicle issues, house maintenance schedules, and what’s for dinner.

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Stay In School – It’s So Worth It!

My advice to my kids is to grab life by the horns and tackle that educational bucking bull while you are still young and unencumbered. Things get complicated when you add a spouse/partner and children into the mix.

My advice to other parents that are on the fence about going back to school? Just do it. Get off that fence, make the decision to do whatever it takes to get that degree, masters, or doctorate now.

The time will pass anyway.

Make sure you look back at your life with pride and not regret. Set that great example for your kids and their kids to come. Be that awesome person that uses their knowledge and enthusiasm to make the world a better place.

After all, for any change to happen in this world, you need at least one person willing to step up and be different.

Whether through direct or indirect impact, you can be that person.

Let’s Keep The Conversation Going!

Do you have any favorite back-to-school (as a parent!) tips and hacks? Don’t be shy! Share them in the comments below.

Don’t forget to check back regularly for more tips and tricks on how to create the life of your dreams before, during, and after the awakening!

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