Ancestry DNA Results: Some Validation But Also Some Surprises

Ancestry DNA Results: Some Validation But Also Some Surprises

Ancestry’s DNA test is inexpensive and relatively easy to do. Other than the agony of waiting, the hardest part is having to put so much spit into a pinky-sized vial without getting nauseous. While I have had my results for a while, I don’t think I’ve really let the results sink in. I’m not even … Read More

Back to School … I Ain’t Sorry (but is it nap time yet?)

In case you haven’t seen one of my myriad of social media posts about it, I went back to school. At 37. As a homeschooling mom to an amazing teenaged man and a fashion-loving toddler girl. While it’s been super exciting, it’s also been a stark reminder of how different it is to be working … Read More

Fat Aloes, New Raised Beds, and A Stinky Dog

This morning was all about fat aloes, new raised beds, our sweet but stinky dog Ruth, and my kids on my little organic farm. Note to Self: Sunscreen. Long sleeves. Shade. Duh. My original farm plan included an aloe crop and I’m embarrassed to admit I let it run wild when my plans fell through. … Read More

5 Tips To Reduce Stress In A New Relationship

New relationships usually spark excitement because they provide a brand new angle on life for you to take advantage of. Your natural curiosity as a human being makes you anxious to see just what this new relationship is all about. As thrilling as this may be, however, new relationships also invariably bring along new stresses. … Read More