Feeding A Family Of 4 For $40 Or Less A Week

While I am starting my own little organic farm, we are definitely not a 100% organic family right now. Other than my sprouting experiments, we are not growing own food either. We are just as dependent upon other humans to grow, pick, pack, ship, and sell us our food as anyone else. In The Dirty … Read More

Starting A Victory Garden

You can eat better for less if you are willing to put in a bit of effort. It’s not hard to pick out your favorite seeds, grab a few containers and some organic soil and compost (or till a small part of your lawn, if you prefer). The hard part is having patience to parent … Read More

A Camping We Will Go!

A Camping We Will Go!

Prepping for a birthday camping trip with all the kiddos and my sweet Momma is no small feat. We’re talking about gear, snacks, and supplies for an outdoor and adventure loving 1-year-old, tween, preteen, teen, and three adults (ages withheld ha!). 7 people and yes, that is a three room tent, 7 sleeping bags, 7 … Read More