Make Your Online Dating Profile Stand Out

If you’re looking for love online, your dating profile needs to stand out from the crowd. Learn what techniques work best when it comes to posting photos and writing your description.

Tips for Your Photos

  1. Get in the mood.
    Photos usually turn out better when you’re having fun. Ask a friend to help you. Pick a pleasant setting like a picnic or a marina.
  2. Express yourself.
    Use your images to deliver a message about who you are. Pose with your dog or stand in the middle of your rose garden.
  3. Take multiple shots.
    It’s usually best to include several photos. Head and shoulder shots along with full length pictures will give people an idea of your physical appearance. Images taken with friends or engaging in activities you love will capture your personality.
  4. Experiment with other images.
    Recent images of yourself are important but you can get playful. Show off your baby pictures. In a sea of faces, unusual images like your favorite novel or pair of old jeans will get attention.

Tips for Writing Your Description

  1. Clarify your goals.
    Know your purpose before you start writing. Are you looking for casual relationships or do you want to meet someone you’d want to marry?
  2. Let your unique qualities shine through.
    References to candlelight dinners and walks on the beach are too common to do you any good. Let your individual passions come out. For example, mention your ability to quote extensive dialogue from Doctor Who episodes or your ambition to see every Vermeer painting in the world.
  3. Get creative with your user name.
    Pick a user name that sounds intriguing. It could be something Biblical, if you’re hoping to meet other Christians who would recognize the reference, or even a cartoon character you like.
  4. Focus on headlines.
    You’ve only got a few seconds before your audience may move on to the next listing. Hook them in with a clever headline like “Private investigator tracking down best local hamburger joint.”
  5. Include all the basics.
    State your gender, age and other pertinent facts up front. It will help your target audience find you.
  6. Cast a wide net.
    Open up your mind if you’ve got a long list of qualifications for a potential date.
    You may find love outside your profession or with someone who weighs 10 pounds more than your last girlfriend.
  7. Keep it brief.
    Aim for 200 to 400 words.
    People may get tired of reading too much text. If it’s too short, you may leave out important data or give the impression you made little effort.
  8. Be honest.
    Provide the whole truth about your age, marital status, occupation and other characteristics. It will save time and embarrassment later on.
  9. Think positive.
    Save the complaints about your ex or your boss for another time. Come across as happy and upbeat.
  10. Encourage a quick response.
    Give readers a good reason to contact you as soon as possible. Mention an upcoming concert or wanting to show off your fabulous new haircut.

Other Tips

  1. Play it safe.
    Many couples find each other through online dating. Just be sure to meet some place safe and decline to disclose personal information to strangers.
  2. Be patient.
    Diana Ross was right: you can’t hurry love. Stick with the process until you get the extraordinary results you deserve.
  3. Go on with your life.
    Friends, family and Hollywood can put pressure on singles. Remember that you can lead a meaningful life even if you live alone with your cat.

Millions of people use online dating sites. A great profile will improve your chances for meeting new people and maybe even finding a partner you’ll want to share the rest of your life with.

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