The Dirty Truth About Thrift Store Shopping

The list of things I won’t buy at a thrift store is short: shoes, underpants, and anything hygiene related. I once borrowed a pair of shoes from a friend-of-a-friend and got athletes foot. I don’t want to think about a stranger’s cooties on undergarments and no way am I stuffing someone’s used toothbrush in my or my family’s mouths!

This is all my husband’s fault.

Yes, I – like most of the planet – thought about the whole “reduce, reuse, recycle” cycle but used clothes and baby items? Come on!

The truth of the matter is that I married a man more into fashion and shopping than I am. My idea of a fun evening on the town is dancing or pizza in the park. His idea of fun in town (yes, we are that rural!) is hitting up several of his favorite thrift and resale shops.

If my family can use it and I can clean or fix it, I will buy it.

We go in to “just look” and come out with $50 less in our bank account and at least double that in product value in our shopping bags.

It used to bother me but I’ve come to realize that my unconsciously snotty attitude has turned into a love for what I now call Treasure Hunting. It’s the thrill of a good deal, a cheap find that is worth so much more to my family than the price it’s being sold for.

No, I wasn’t always this open-minded or frugal but deals like this changed my mind pretty quick:

  • 4.99 portable high-chair
  • 15.99 AM/FM headset radio
  • 5.00 VTech Tote and Go Laptop
  • 3.98 bilingual talking activity book
The widget above shows the standard retail price. Even in our local stores!

Eww! Cooties!

Cooties aren’t a big deal if you follow my simple two-step rule:

  • If it is a hard surface, wipe it with soap and water and then spray or wipe some Lysol on it.
  • If it’s a garment or other washable item, add a bit of baking soda and white vinegar to your wash. (Don’t worry. It’s safe for colors too!)

True Confessions of a Treasure Hunter

Almost half of Skylar Marie’s baby toys and clothing have come from various thrift stores. CJ is closing in on her record and my husband and I are not too far behind. We’ve found camping gear, Wrangler jeans good enough for both work and play, and a noise cancelling, AM/FM headset radio for my husband to use when he’s on his John Deere ALL for a fourth or less of what the retail asking price is.

What have you scored on a Treasure Hunt? Share your confession below!

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