When The Words Won’t Come: Where Are The Parents?

It’s been a while since I last posted. It’s not because there isn’t a lot I want to write about. Ironically, it’s because there has been a lot I could write about.

Disappointment in the legal system. Abuses by both law enforcement and community members. Wrong-doers allowed to do wrong at will, while facetiously thumbing their nose at the system and mocking my effort to protect the innocent.

Except the “innocent” aren’t so innocent anymore, the “bad guys” are now “just people being people”, and law enforcement is more of a muddied, evaporating lake than a pristine stream.

It’s left me trapped and made me a target. Because I dared to stand up and say something was wrong.

Where are the parents in all of this?

It couldn’t hurt anything. It’s just a tv show / movie / song / _____. My child knows it’s not real/right.
Children should not be hurt, manipulated, or have their innocence robbed just because they are in a mad dash to experience adulthood. But it came as a huge shock to discover that the kids just don’t care. You tell them to run away from danger and they laugh as they push forward to their own hurt.

Then society says, “Oh my God! How could this have happened?!” when the questions really should be:

  • How much do you really know about what your child is doing?
  • Do you know who they are really talking to online or in person?
  • How much do you think pop culture and all the things television and society in general has said are “cool” are affecting your child’s thinking?
  • Is your child really ready for all of the emotional, mental, and spiritual issues that come with their physical and sexual awakening?

We’ve traded our kids for intense and rewarding careers that make more money to move into or keep that McMansion on the hill, drive that luxurious Mercedes, and buy only the best of everything.

Buying everything except time with our babies.

My kids know that they will always be my babies no matter how old or how big they get. That doesn’t mean I am going to treat them like babies. It means I want to make sure I protect them and guide them as best as I can.

It’s not always pretty and it’s certainly not always easy but please, for the love of all that is good in this world – for the sake of our children’s innocence – don’t be afraid to be different. You really won’t be less for buying from Goodwill or using Groupon to take less expensive family vacations.

Pop culture isn’t perfect. Society isn’t always right. It’s time to take our kids back. They are worth more than Prada, a Bugatti, and a Leer combined.

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