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Your Stuff Is Junk! (But Who Really Cares?)

Your stuff is junk.

Ouch. That stings!

This particular comment was made about the camping gear I’ve been hauling around for a couple of years now but it can be applied to anything. Your clothes, bag, car, children’s toys, gadgets, and even your business are all dibs for comments like this.

There will ALWAYS be someone who feels like your stuff is less-than or tries to make you feel inferior. When you get stung, it’s important to remember what your stuff means to you and to anyone you touch.

Why I Laughed. After A Few Minutes.

My camping gear got my little family through the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. My 16-year old son and 4-year old daughter had fans, purified drinking water, bug repellent, non-perishable snacks, etc. long before the disaster relief angels showed up. Even then, it was nice to be able to turn some assistance down because we honestly didn’t need it and maybe someone else did.

But we’d been enjoying our regular dose of Vitamin N – nature – while camping and on roadtrips long before the hurricane hit.

You really can walk into any Walmart or Academy – or even, gasp!, Goodwill – and buy a lot of what I’ve got but really, what’s wrong with that? Heck, I even encouraged it long before someone hurled their opinion at me by sharing what I have and posting my suggestions on car camping!

Upgrade, Downgrade, Samegrade

Let’s say you have an older but reliable Chevrolet Suburban Z71 4×4 (like I do). At a light, someone in a Ferrari pulls up beside you and yells, “you’ve got junk!”

Should you ditch your surprisingly good gas mileage getting, clear titled, family-friendly, car camping-customized vehicular baby for someone else’s two-seater sports car? Only if you wanted the change.

Notice I didn’t say “upgrade”?

It’s a change because – depending on who you ask – it may or may not be something that’s better than.

A Ferrari, while nice, would not suit my little family very well at all.

  • I’m a single mom with two kids. I’m not about to put a child in the trunk or the roof!
  • We like to boondock (primitive camp). Where would our gear go?!
  • We go off-roading in rural areas sometimes. That poor car would get hung up somewhere!

For someone with a Lotus, it may be a samegrade but for me, a Ferrari would be a major downgrade. Not because of the quality but because of the suitability.

Who Really Cares?

All the blah blah above and we get to the REAL question: who really cares, yo?

Ultimately, it’s your stuff.

You are the one who needs to be able to use it, do it, play with it, eat it, camp with it, etc. This isn’t to say I encourage you to put out a crap course to scrounge a few bucks or to go camping with completely inappropriate gear but you’ve got to start from where you are, with what you have, and with what you know.

You’ll get the change to upgrade/downgrade/samegrade soon enough. Just make sure it’s YOUR CHOICE and not something you were pressured into by someone else.

Wishing you much peace, happiness, and success,
Pearl Lane-Soliz | Mom. Writer. Blogger. Podcaster. |
Pearl Lane-Soliz

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Happy New Year!

May you and yours have a New Year filled with peace, happiness, success, and good health!


#TotalMommyMakeover Check-In | FitHappyLittleMomma | Faith. Family. Writing.

#TotalMommyMakeover Week 1 Check-In

Checking in with my #TotalMommyMakeover Week 1 progress has been really eye-opening. I’m not doing anything major, yet I’m on track to accomplish some major goals!

  1. Emotional
    Keeping a Journal and using better communication techniques (from the counseling class I’m taking) are helping us to have a more peaceful home. Although we love each other dearly, we’re all in different age groups (40, 16, 4) and that sometimes causes issues.

    The other really, really, really helpful thing this week has been our Miracle Morning routine. When we do it, things feel different. We are different. More at peace. The days we forgot to do it or overslept were not as productive or functional. We are definitely going to work on consistency with this!

  2. Financial
    I have used Mint for a while but I’m looking for a service where I can be a little more hands-on. The set-it-and-forget-it thing was/is nice but I guess I’m the type that needs a bit more involvement. More involvement = more accountability.
  3. Professional
    Super stoked about this section! My blog network is coming together nicely and my “work” website is ready for my old content to be imported. I’m ready to start taking on remote administrative support (virtual assisting) clients again!
  4. Relationships
    Other than the Emotional stuff, we haven’t done anything. We’d like to start a vegan Turquoise Table tradition.
  5. Spiritual
    We’ve committed to rebooting the Daily Prayer Walk and joining an actual Prayer Walk to pray for our community as we walk. We’re also going back to our Goodnight Gratitude routine (each person lists at least 3 things they are grateful for from that day).
  6. Wellness
    Keeping a Journal is also helping me to keep track of my migraines, changes in my mood/energy level, and diet. I’m searching for traditional triggers like dehydration, too much sugar, etc. but also things like emotional distress or stress in general that can be cut out.

    In addition to the 21 Day Fix workouts, we’re working on our own 21 Day Fix vegan meal plans. We hope to start them full-time in December but for now, we’re just winging it. We’ve decided to hold off on supplements for now and figure out how to eat better. The 21 Day Fix containers are easy to use but it does take some getting used to. Especially when you are a new vegan, trying to think of actual meal ideas instead of just dumping all of your choices into a large reusable container and snacking out of that (like we’re doing now 🤣).

    We’d use the meal plans we’ve found online or the official Beachbody 21 Day Fix Vegan menu plan but they have some ingredients we can’t find locally. We’ve challenged ourselves to make this so easy even we can do it. No excuses easy. That means no “… but we don’t have x, y, z to make ___.”

Overall, I’d say this week was a success. Not as productive or exciting-in-a-good-way as I’d hoped but progress is progress. Every week forward is another win in the books!

How was your week?

Wishing you much peace, happiness, and success,
Pearl Lane-Soliz | Mom. Writer. Blogger. Podcaster. |
Pearl Lane-Soliz

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#MyTotalMommyMakeover The Challenge Begins | Pearl Lane-Soliz | Mom. Writer. Blogger. Podcaster. | PearlLaneSoliz.coma

#MyTotalMommyMakeover The Challenge Begins

[ This post was cross-posted at Fit Happy Little Momma on November 21, 2018. ]

#MyTotalMommyMakeover is a direct result of hitting the big 4-0 on February 20th. To celebrate, I decided this is going to be the year of me. To purge, delete, replace, or add whatever I need to in order to be my happiest, most at-peace self.

Part of that is losing the 80 pounds of anxiety, depression, and internal abuse scars. To finally be free to live.

Really live.

Like, you know, be happy without feeling guilty, worrying about when the other shoe is going to drop, or letting someone else have so much power over my emotions/happiness/peace. Reclaiming my personal power and empowering others to do the same.

Yeah, this is going to be so amazeballs.

To make this happen, I decided I was going to give myself a Total Mommy Makeover. It’s an ambitious goal that I’ve failed at before because I lacked a Circle of Support.

This time, I won’t be alone. I have a fabulous coach, supportive physician, and a group of like-minded  individuals on their own wellness journey. I’ve also got my Everyday Superhero: CJ, my 16-year old son.

CJ is going to be joining me on this journey. 😀

While his goal isn’t to lose weight, the workout program I chose should help him to get started on the 8 pack of his dreams.

Angles, Lighting, and Cover-Ups
This is a pic from last month. You won’t see a full body or no-makeup picture of me unless my ex-husband shared it.

In preparation for this monumental moment, a gallon of blood (it seemed like) was drawn and various tests run. Everything came back normal and my doc gave me his blessing (orders, really) to shed a few pounds (or 65).

The ideal weight for my 5’3″ frame ranges from 104 to 127 pounds. I currently weigh 187.

Losing 60 pounds would get me right to that top number.

Aiming for a total loss of 65 pounds would give me a little wiggle room for the inevitable weight fluctuation women experience monthly.

To be clear, my doctor just said he wanted to see a few pound weight loss by the next time he sees me. I am the one who decided to give myself a Total Mommy Makeover and losing 65 pounds is a part of that. I’ll be documenting this part over at Fit Happy Little Momma.


Losing weight isn’t the only part of this challenge. There are actually 6 major steps involved in my makeover (the ones I’ll document in this blog):

  1. Spiritual
    It’s amazing how much our spirituality has to do with our mindset. It doesn’t matter what religion you follow (or don’t follow). Our inner self, our spirituality, directly impacts our hope. Faith is simply the belief that all things work out for good and that everything has a reason, even if we don’t know what it is. Building spiritual muscles strengthens your resiliency and previously helped me combat depression and anxiety (but that’s a story for another time). 
  2. Emotional
    We all feel things and sometimes we all react out of our feelings. We get angry, sad, happy, mad, stressed out, etc. Most of the time, we’re good at “controlling ourselves” but we all need a way to deal with our emotions. We need positive outlets to honor our feels, feel our feels, and then let our feels go. Pent-up emotion can make us sick: tummy trouble, migraines, anxiety, high blood pressure, etc. 
  3. Wellness
    Weight is just one aspect of our physical wellness. If you want to be there long-term for your kids, aging parents, and even your sweet pets, then you HAVE to take care of yourself. I have two kids, my mom, and a menagerie to think about. I would also like to save my little corner of the world, one volunteer session at a time. Which means that I need to have the good vitals, energy, strength, flexibility, and stamina to keep up with it all. 
  4. Relationships
    One of the most important relationships we can have is with ourselves. I want to treat myself better than I have been by scheduling time for myself to de-stress. My relationships with my kids are also a priority. I’d like to add some Mommy and Me playdates/dates and camping trips to our schedule.
  5. Professional
    Instead of changing myself to be someone or something I’m not, I want to find and work with amazing people – like you! – who I can empower and inspire while being my authentic self. I’m a remote administrative support specialist (virtual assistant) but I’d love to mentor/coach and spare someone the pain and trouble I’ve gone through.
  6. Financial
    Let’s just acknowledge that I didn’t know what I was doing when I turned 18 and things didn’t get much better as I got older. My desire for a family, to belong, has caused me and my kids so much unnecessary drama. I was rejecting success because I wanted a family but you need money to raise a family and to live. That was dumb. (That’s why the free Money Smart workshops I volunteered to lead are so special to me!)

The Master Plan

My plan is to use a hybrid of:

Oh yeah, somewhere in there I’d like to completely transition my little household to vegan everything but realistically, it’s going to be a year-long journey. Mostly because I don’t know what I’m doing, don’t have a dummy proof transition menu, and it’s crazy how some vegan items aren’t actually vegan!


Fabulous, YOU are going to be my reason for not giving up.

Yeah, sure, I know the bullies and Debbie Downers in my life will try to use anything I post – even admitting my weight – as ammo to tear me down. Honestly, it’s worked in the past so why wouldn’t they keep trying to insult, berate, and mock me?

The difference is this time I don’t give a fig. I really don’t. I’m tired and you know what? I never claimed to be perfect or have all the answers. I just want to help who I can and fix what I can fix in this world.

After what feels like a gajillionty years of struggle, I’ve finally jumped off that rollercoaster.

Family is what you make it, home is where you feel like you can relax, and just being yourself is freedom. I’m ready to be 100% me. Not just me but the best version of me that I can be.

Hopefully, my journey will empower you to step out in faith and make your life what you want it to be. If I don’t inspire you, at least I’ll serve as a warning. 😆

Wishing you much peace, happiness, and success,
Pearl Lane-Soliz | Mom. Writer. Blogger. Podcaster. |
Pearl Lane-Soliz

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Armed Forces Day

One cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war. ~ Albert Einstein

Although we all have our own opinions on war, today is not the day to spout them. Today is a day to recognize and pray for soldiers the world over. Whether they are ours (USA), those of our allies or of our “enemies”.

Every soldier has his or her own reason – selfless or selfish – for signing up but it cannot be denied that it can be one of the most brutal jobs one can have. Brutal mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Today, I ask for you to join me in prayer for all soldiers. Even those who are not “ours”. Even if we eventually “win” the wars we are involved in, we will have lost many, many people. Maybe even some who would have been our greatest leaders.


Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mommies, soon-to-be Mommies, wanna be Mommies, and Heart Mommies (stepmoms, single dads, teachers, bus drivers, and more)!

Mother’s Day is a day to pray and give thanks for our mothers. Even if you mother was not the greatest, spend a few seconds at least thinking one nice thing about her. After all, regardless of who she was or wasn’t, she did give the world one of it’s most glorious blessings: a child. You.


Happy New Year!

May you and yours have a New Year filled with peace, happiness, success, and good health!


What Every Consumer Needs to Know About Their Pharmacist

Pharmacists provide knowledgeable, affordable and accessible health care services. In these days of skyrocketing medical costs and doctors who have limited time to spend with patients, it’s good to know all that your pharmacist can do for you.

Developing A Relationship With Your Pharmacist

  1. Make your pharmacist part of your health care team.
    Think of your pharmacist as supplementing rather than replacing your doctor. They get more training in pharmacology than most physicians. Plus, consumers are giving them feedback all day long about real life experiences with the latest drugs.
  2. Know the rules in your state.
    Laws vary from state to state as to what pharmacists are allowed to do. Still, more than 40 states now have some form of Collaborative Drug Therapy Management. This allows pharmacists and prescribers to work together on guidelines and protocols for initiating, modifying or continuing drug therapy for individual patients.
  3. Fill your prescriptions at one source.
    The more your pharmacist knows about you, the better the care they can provide. If they know all the medications you’re taking, they can spot potential interactions.
  4. Be cautious about online pharmacies.
    Beware of rogue websites that may sell counterfeit drugs. Stick to legitimate pharmacies that are verified by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy.

Manage Medications With Your Pharmacist

  1. Discuss side effects and allergies.
    Keep your pharmacist up to date on all your medical conditions, treatment plans, and allergies.
    It could save your life.
  2. Take your medications correctly.
    Find out what to do if you forget to take your prescription or if you take too much. Some drugs need to be taken on an empty stomach and others go better with food. Some can be crushed and others need to be kept whole.
  3. Store drugs properly.
    Room temperature and low humidity are best for preserving most drugs. Your pharmacist can advise you on any special needs and explain how some ingredients become inactive or change their effects due to their environment.
  4. Use over the counter products wisely. Your pharmacist can also provide guidance with non-prescription products. Taking just what you need will save money and provide the best results.

Other Ways Your Pharmacist Can Help You

  1. Make healthy lifestyle changes.
    Maybe you’re looking to lose weight or quit smoking. Your pharmacist can suggest strategies and resources to make the process easier.
  2. Find additional support for chronic conditions.
    Pharmacists are taking on a new coaching role for patients with conditions like diabetes, asthma or heart disease.
    Sign up for educational classes, monitor your progress and take advantage of other special benefits and savings.
  3. Keep your immunizations up to date.
    Studies show that immunizations prevent almost 15 million cases of disease and more than 30,000 deaths every year. Pharmacists can help you identify which vaccines you need and the related benefits and risks.
  4. Explore natural health products.
    It can be difficult to sort out the many claims made by herbal remedies and other non-prescription products. Ask your pharmacist for help in making the best choices. It’s also important to coordinate your care as some products may interfere with certain prescription drugs.
  5. Save money.
    Online pharmacies have created price pressures on local stores that pay off in bargains for you. Look for special offers like fixed price generic drugs or multiple month supplies. Speaking of generics, ask your doctor if substitutions can be allowed so your pharmacist can give you a less expensive, generic version if appropriate.

Get to know your local pharmacists. They can help you avoid potentially serious drug interactions and guide you on the way to leading a healthier and longer life.

Let’s Keep The Conversation Going!

Do you have any favorite pharmacy tips and hacks? Don’t be shy! Share them in the comments below.

Don’t forget to check back regularly for more tips and tricks on how to create the life of your dreams before, during, and after the awakening!

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Teaching Your Kids To Have Healthy Boundaries

Even when your children are quite small, it’s important to begin instructing them about boundaries between themselves and others. A child who grows up in a home having healthy limits will also learn to apply such boundaries in his own life.

What Does “Boundary” mean?

A boundary signifies a limit that a person has. Such limits can be physical or emotional.

  1. Physical boundaries.
    This limit can be physical and tangible, like one’s own body parts. Explaining to a child that his body belongs only to him and nobody else teaches him to develop a sense of his physical self. Explaining, “Daddy’s body belongs to him” and “Your body belongs to you” is a good place to start.
  2. Emotional boundaries.
    Another type of boundary is more emotional than physical. Teaching children that it’s not okay to say hurtful things to others is an example of an emotional boundary. Teasing would be another way of crossing a person’s emotional boundary.

In a sense, boundaries are rules that you live by. Living with boundaries basically means, “I won’t do anything to harm you” and “I expect you not to do anything to harm me, but if you do, I’ll let you know.”

Teaching Boundaries

When you’re raising kids to have healthy boundaries, it’s important to allow the children to have and express their own feelings. This one can be pretty tough for some parents as it isn’t unusual for parents to squelch a child’s healthy behavioral expression.

For example, if a 4-year-old starts crying and stomps his feet, what would you do as a parent? One healthy strategy to ensure your 4-year-old develops healthy boundaries is to help him label his feelings. Say something like, “I see that you’re frustrated that you can’t have the candy right now. Maybe you can have some candy after dinner.” Then, move on with life.

You helped him to label his emotions. You chose not to punish him or demand that he stop crying or “Straighten up right now.” As a parent, you just showed acceptance of your child’s feelings. Each time you behave this way as a parent, you’re reinforcing your child’s natural sense of self and boundaries.

Sometimes, there will be situations when you find it prudent to explain some boundary situations or “rules” to a child. For example, explaining to a child that no one but a doctor when Mom or Dad is also present should touch the child where their bathing suit fits is an effective way to teach a child the limits and boundaries related to his own body. 

Modeling Boundaries

Ultimately, the single best way to teach children healthy boundaries is for parents to have healthy boundaries themselves and to model them in the home.

Showing respect for each person in the house, ensuring everyone has rights to their feelings and appropriate expressions of them, and talking openly and honestly about any challenging issues demonstrate healthy boundaries for children.

It All Starts With You

From the time your children are born, you’re charged to teach them many things so they’ll grow up to be happy, healthy members of society. Teaching your children about limits and boundaries shows your kids a truly healthy way to live.

Parents who ensure their kids grow up learning about limits and boundaries provide a solid foundation for their children’s futures. Apply some of these methods in your home to teach your kids about having and maintaining healthy limits and boundaries. Your kids will thrive!


Simple Diet Changes That Pay Big Rewards

If you’re juggling a full load of family and career responsibilities, it can be difficult to devote much time or thought to your diet. These are simple and effective changes you can make to the foods you eat and the way you dine that will soon have you looking and feeling your best.

Change The Foods You Eat

  1. Enjoy more vegetables and fruits.
    Get most of your calories from plant-based foods.
    Aim for at least six servings per day. Fill up half your plate at every meal with fresh produce.
  2. Eat plenty of fiber.
    Whole grains are another great choice. They also have fiber and nutrients that will make each calorie go further. Plus, they help you feel full and resist junk foods.
  3. Focus on whole foods.
    Skip the processed foods in favor of fresh ingredients. You’ll enjoy better tasting meals and cut back on added sugars and sodium in one easy step.
  4. Serve fish.
    Lean protein gives you more energy. Put fish on the menu at least twice a week. You can grill it in a few minutes for an easy dinner.
  5. Switch to healthy fats.
    The kind of fats you consume is just as important as the total amount.
    Dip your bread in extra virgin olive oil instead of butter.
  6. Start with soup.
    Soup fills you up so you eat fewer calories.

Change The Way You Eat

  1. Control portion sizes.
    You can eat your favorite treats as long as you practice moderation. Eat a single piece of gourmet chocolate instead of a whole donut.
  2. Schedule more meals and snacks.
    Eating more frequently throughout the day keeps your metabolism primed. It also helps prevent hunger pains that could sabotage your diet.
  3. Start with a healthy breakfast.
    Refuel every morning. Grab a yogurt drink or whip up a breakfast bean burrito.
  4. Eat more slowly.
    Dining at a leisurely pace gives your body time to tell you when it has had enough.
    Put your knife and fork down between each bite.
  5. Be mindful.
    Switch the television off. Paying attention to what you put in your mouth will reduce the risk of nibbling.
  6. Sit down.
    Your body digests food better when you pull up a chair. You’ll also be more conscious of how many calories you consume.
  7. Change your table settings.
    Reduced portions look bigger when you dish them out on smaller plates. Set out candles and flowers to make meals feel more indulgent.
  8. Enlist support.
    Studies show that programs like Weight Watchers generate success through social support.
    Ask your family and friends to cheer you along.
  9. Use other rewards.
    Treat yourself to good things that leave your waistline intact. Get a massage or pick up show tickets.
  10. Drink more water.
    Water curbs your appetite and keeps all your body functions running more smoothly. It also fights off fatigue that could lead to junk food cravings.
  11. Carry your own snacks.
    Liberate yourself from vending machines and fast food joints. Bring along a thermos of skim milk or a bag of homemade trail mix made with whole grain cereal and dried cranberries.
  12. Order wisely at restaurants.
    Call ahead to be sure the menu can accommodate your diet. Look for grilled and steamed items rather than fried entrees.

Healthy lifestyle changes that you can sustain over the long haul work better than any crash diet that makes you count every calorie you eat. Reach and maintain your ideal weight with simple strategies that will free up your energies for the activities you love.