Month: November 2009

Dynamic Drive

Although it has been several years since I discovered Dynamic Drive, it remains one of my favorite go-to sites. What keeps me going back to the same site? In short, the free tools and community support I get… Read More

The Holidays Are Coming!

The Holiday Season is upon us and it is time for our annual Holiday Gift Guide. Our theme is “Making A House A Home: What Matters Most”. Click here to recommend a business or home themed website. Don’t… Read More

It’s Pay Day!

As funny as it may sound, CJ is learning more about money with this board game that he was with the worksheets and a real allowance! Pay Day is not some super-secret, super-hard game for super-smart kids (or… Read More

Easy Drink Mixing

Okay, admit it. Sometimes you want a cup of cocoa or some other kind of drink but the adults are tired or don’t want to make a big batch of something. Or maybe, you want to make your… Read More

Becoming A Storm Ready School

Although we are rural homeschoolers and not a school or school district, we do believe that disaster preparedness is a very important topic. Keeping our children – and ourselves – safe is an ongoing series of life modifications… Read More

The Importance Of Backing Up Your Files

There was a lot going on in my house last week and I was definitely feeling the pressure of looming deadlines and unexpected expenses. It truly seemed that although I knew I was distracted and frazzled, the only… Read More

Transformers Bath Fizzies

Yes, we know, we know. We just shared a really cool Glow-in-the-Dark Alien Soap we found. Well, we just found these cool “Transformers Bath Fizzies” on that same website! “Fizzies” sounds girlie but Transformers rocks anyway! It says… Read More

Glow-in-the-Dark Alien Soap

Check this out! We found this while looking around for fun bath stuff for CJ. The Webmom had been talking about making something like this because we’d never seen anything like it and I am into aliens. Now,… Read More

Earthbox Education

As homeschoolers, we’re lucky that we get to investigate and explore whatever CJ gets interested in. Besides the tech stuff, we like doing things to help the environment and keep ourselves healthy. [su_pullquote align=”right”]The artificial colors and flavors… Read More

Hello World!

Welcome to CJ’s Kids Club. A club for kids, by a kid. Well, at least, CJ dreamed it up and the Webmom helped make it happen. =) This site is about kids having fun and making friends. Oh,… Read More