Month: February 2010

The Power of Social Media

Ever been stood up by a mover? I was last year. Several times a day for an entire work week, I was told “we’re on our way” and – although I’m a native Texan – I know it… Read More

Don’t Toss That Old Computer!

Don’t know what to do with that old computer? I know it’s slow and probably has more Windows updates than actual programs but before you recycle it, you may want to consider installing one of the myriad of Linux distributions (distros) that are out there.

Workin’, Workin’, Working .. Rawhide!

Alright so that’s not quite the way the song goes but I’m a techie in an ag state of mind. I’m working and have that Rawhide song stuck in my head. The whip and whistle part mostly. Here… Read More

Revising My Views

From the time I arrived back in Texas a few months ago, I’ve been revising my life, goals and trying to take an honest look at myself. Ironically, my adventure in New York taught me that I am… Read More

Happy Birthday, Webmom!

    Today is the Webmom’s birthday but instead of giving her presents, we’re going to give one lucky reader something special! The first person to contact us on February 20th with the code words: WEBMOM ROCKS will… Read More

Mr. Chi-City

Every now and then, you run across someone online that seems to cross over that invisible line between race, religion or whatever other label we sometimes find ourselves behind. When someone stops being a color, a number, a… Read More

Lose The Corp, Not Your Mind

After being accused of having such an easy life because I’m at home while other people “actually” work (by someone who was chatting at their job!), I have a noggin full of info on the tip of my… Read More

Happy Valentine’s Day!

“God of love, thank you for those that we love and may Your compassion, generosity, and power continue to shine in our lives long after the flowers and chocolates are gone, that we and all whom we love… Read More

Don’t Get Run Over!

[su_quote cite=”Will Rogers”]Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there.[/su_quote] Many of us let fear of failure hold us back. We worry about what others will say or… Read More