Month: March 2010

Spring Cleaning Maintenance

After all of your hard work spring cleaning and organizing your home, you certainly won’t want to see things back to the way they were in a matter of weeks. Staying organized takes a little work and is… Read More

Happy Birthday, CJ!

    Today is CJ’s birthday but instead of giving him presents, we’re going to give one lucky reader something special! The first person to contact us on March 20th with the code words: CJ ROCKS will get… Read More

The Perfect Woman (Part 1)

The mixed media messages and the reactions I hear from both boys and men continually blows me away. Ads and the fashion industry glorify tall, rail thin gals. Most men say they prefer disproportionately shaped gals (aka “D”+)…. Read More

Learning New Things: Blender

When my son was a teeny little tot, I started making stories up for him. Stories about helpful little animals that solved mysteries, righted wrongs and generally just made the world a harmonious place. At some point, my… Read More

Are You Buying Used Underwear?

Perhaps I’m behind on the news timeline but this definitely made me stop and go “ewww!!”. Watch this: Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Made me wish I could make my own!… Read More

Out Of Office

Happy Monday! I hope it is the start of a great work week for everyone. Although I will be out-of-office today due to family obligation, I will be popping in when/if I can throughout the day. Wishing you… Read More