Month: November 2010

My Paralyzing Fear

Confession: I struggle with a paralyzing fear that something will happen to my son, I can’t get to him and my child care arrangements will fall through. He has his own fear of being separated from me, his… Read More

Easy Lunch Boxes

For Market Monday this week, we’re featuring the convenient, easy to use and easy to clean Easy Lunch Boxes! We could go on and on about these but why read a long, long entry about it when you… Read More

Dreams Are Possible

Our Spiritual Sunday inspirational quote for today is … “The only place where dreams are impossible is in your own mind.” ~ Emalie Have fun and stay safe,        

International #Foodthanks Day

Happy International #Foodthanks Day! It’s that time of year when people come together to give thanks. The AgChat Foundation would like to ask that people especially take time to offer up #foodthanks. Launched for the holidays, provides… Read More

Surprise! TV

So we finally did it. Step #1 of World Domination, uh, setting up our family adventure show! We’ll be announcing our broadcast schedule as soon we finalize it. =) Have fun and stay safe,      

Be Yourself

Our Spiritual Sunday inspirational quote for today is … “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.” ~ Oscar Wilde Have fun and stay safe,      

Book Club Selection Announcement

      Our new Book Club selection is … drum roll please … Masterpiece by Elise Broach!     We hope you’ll join us as we read one chapter of this book per day beginning Monday, November 22,… Read More

The Look of Disability

In conversation, blog posts and social media, you will often hear me say that I don’t like the word “disability”. I believe that no one is perfect and thus, we are all “differently-abled” to some degree. Sometimes you… Read More

Inspiration from Sarah Palin?

Okay, so regardless of what you (or I) may think about her politics or her in general, something Sarah Palin said in those previews for her “Alaska” got me. Yep, it feels kinda like a reality-style tv show/ad… Read More