Month: April 2011

Wednesday’s Podcast

We’re posting this a day late and we definitely apologize. We normally post our podcast recordings on the same day we do our podcasts but life got in the way. Well, actually, we forgot what day it was!… Read More

Camping Trip Practice

Are you planning to camp for one night, a weekend, a week or more and aren’t entirely sure your family is ready? Do a practice run or two in your backyard! Not only are you in a safe,… Read More

Mr. Katz: Our Eco-Friendly Shredder

We’ve joked about it a few times. Well, half-joked anyway. The story of our eco-friendly shredder is totally true. It’s just kinda funny too! =) There have been times that – because of all the traveling that we’ve… Read More

Today’s Podcast

So much going on! We tried to cover it all but – per usual – we got a little sidetracked. That Pokerap is just so catchy. =) We’ve added the Natural Kid program to our line-up, moving the… Read More

Family Empowerment Update

An Executive Order came through the CJ’s Kids Club Clubhouse late last night: the Family Empowerment teleseminar series is moving. Yes, Penny the Webmom has spoken. =) The Family Empowerment calls will now be hosted at Harmonious Abundance… Read More

Mother’s Day Wrap Party Wrap-Up

See what we did there? 😉 We’d like to thank everyone who showed up for our first annual “Mother’s Day Wrap Party“. In case you missed it, you are in luck! The recording has been processed and is… Read More

Natural Leaders

We are excited to announce that we’ve become Children & Nature Network Natural Leaders! Do you think you can you guess what our first Natural Kid program is going to be? You know how we always talk about… Read More

Tonight’s Story Is …

Join us tonight – Thursday, April 14 at 8:00pm Central – for a new installment in our “Go Barefoot with CJ” series: weekly Storytime! Tonight’s Storytime story is “Lone Boy and the Old Dun Horse“. If you’ve ever… Read More

CJ’s Kids Club Spokespet: Blackie

Blackie is a black Lab mix. We think he may be half hound because he bays and once he’s on a scent, it’s like nothing else exists! =) We’re not sure how old he is. The neighbors say… Read More

Summer Fun and Go-To Sandwiches

This week we’re once again trying to stick to a more scripted format and get excited when we figure out that we still have time for some “Free Chat”. Yayz! Join us as we plan our summer adventures,… Read More