Month: May 2011

Elephants Are Mighty Eaters!

Elephants are large, powerful animals. Have you ever wondered how do they get enough fuel to power their massive bodies? Yep. Mighty beast, mighty eater! =) Isn’t that wild?! Can you imagine what it would be like if… Read More

Don’t Give Up! (Awesome Video)

We just watched this for the first time and we so inspired. Sometimes we start to think we don’t have what it takes and we feel like giving up. Sometimes we need to be reminded of how awesome… Read More

Children’s Digital Library

We’ve just added another fabulousresource to our Resource section! The non-profit International Children’s Digital Library Foundation calls itself “A Library For The World’s Children” and we definitely like that! They have tons of digital books available in many… Read More

Six Super Ideas for Summer Fun

Summer fun doesn’t all have to be about expensive days out or going on vacation. There are many things you can do for free or low cost in your local area and even in your home! Here are… Read More

New Printables!

The Language Arts Dojo is proud to announce that we’ve added a few new Language printables to our Printables page! =) In addition to the “I’m Working It Out!” math sheets and the “I’m A Writing Ninja”… Read More

Happy Mother’s Day!