Month: June 2011

How To Feel Better Fast and Backyard Camping

The Attack of the Katz

We’re shooting some nature scenes today and started laughing when we took a break. You see, we walked about 100 feet away from the Webgran’s house – straight into the brush – but we weren’t alone. About 7… Read More

Yesterday’s Chatcast

Snake bites, wild kittens and storms, oh my! Yesterday’s Chatcast was a wild one. We talked about Grey Matter’s snake bite, encourage good driving habits and discuss some upcoming CKC videos. We hope you’ll tune in to CJ’s… Read More

Dog Has Seeing Eye Cat

Do You Like Our New Look?

Woohoo! Our new site design is up! What do you think? We’ve got some more fabulous updates and cool things to announce THIS WEEK so stay tuned! =) Have fun and stay safe,      

Can You See Behind Your Head?

If you are like us, you might have tried to look behind you at some point and noticed a problem. Whether you are being chased in a high-speed game of tag or you’re trying to make sure your… Read More

Silly Rabbit, That’s For Kids!

You’ve probably seen that funny commercial by now. You know, the one with the rabbit who tries to eat the kids’ cereal? They always wind up saying, “silly rabbit” and reminding him that it’s for kids. What if… Read More

CKC Chatcast for June 1, 2011

On this week’s chatcast, Mr. Katz drops by for a visit. We’re explained our musical cats and volunteering to help you find no/low cost spay/neuter and vaccination services for your pets. We’ve also thrown in our adventures with… Read More