Month: December 2013

Delicious Homemade Chocolate Chip Bars or Cookies!

Chef CJ was joined in the kitchen by Sienna yesterday. They were on a mission to bake a delicious treat for their big brother, Aaron! How Long Did It Take? Prep Time: 15 Minutes Bake Time: 18-22 Minutes… Read More

Which Cricket Is A Rockstar?

Would you believe a cricket knows how to amplify it’s sound just like our stereo amplifiers? Just how successful is this little creature’s invention? Click the play button above to listen in and don’t forget to tell us… Read More

When to Expect Panda Babies

Pandas are adorable, big, black-and-white balls of fluff. Sadly, they are also endangered due to human activity and their own reproductive issues. Not only are they losing their food and homes, they are also struggling to have babies!… Read More

Locusts That Weigh More Than An Elephant

Would you believe that locusts can weigh more than an elephant? In fact, bigger locust swarms can weigh much, much more than just one elephant. It’s scary and true!Just how big are these heavy swarms? Listen in to… Read More

Black and White Torpedos of the Sea

Quick! Can you tell us which creature is king of speed in the sea? If your guess was a dolphin, walrus, crab, or a hammerhead shark, we have so say sorry! Neither of those is right but here’s… Read More

No More Vaporized Slugs

It’s hard to be a slug! You are soft and squishy so it’s way too easy to be stepped on, eaten by birds or other hungry critters, and – worst of all – you can be vaporized by… Read More

Real Life Spider-Man Webs

Calling all Spider-Man fans! There actually is a spider with webs so strong that it can hold a human! Imagine what would happen if we could somehow harness that power without hurting the spiders or turning ourselves into… Read More