Month: June 2014

When Is The Work Day Done For A Stay-At-Home Parent?

Many relationships run into trouble when they fail to honestly discuss and plan for the needs of a home business. The partner who works outside the home may come home feeling tired and ready to rest – after… Read More

Stop Those Evil Glass Cracks Of Doom!

Good morning, fabulous friends! Today is Tuesday, June 17, 2014. (19 Sivan Sivan – Tammuz, 5774). Today in History 653 – St Martin I ends his reign as Catholic Pope 1291 – Acre reconquered after 200 years of crusader control by Mamluks under Sultan al-Ashraf Khalil1621… Read More

A Zombie Ant Is Born!

Brains, brains! That is what we hear the shriveled up, misshapen, Hollywood creatures crying out for. Sometimes creepy, sometimes funny, but always the stuff of science fiction, right? Zombies Are Real Wait, what? How can this be and… Read More

Using Artificial DNA To Create New Life

Having Spidey powers sounds like a great thing until you start to think about how he got those powers. A radioactive spider? Where would we get one of those?! Plus, how crazy would it be to know you… Read More

From Hero To Zero: The Downfall Of A Breed

Imagine you are famous and loved by everyone. It’s fabulous! Everyone wants to spend time with you, you get all kinds of gifts and invitations to the coolest events. Then something happens, you aren’t sure what, but suddenly… Read More

Breathing Life Back Into Extinct Plants And Animals

Bringing back extinct plants and animals – especially those we humans killed off – sounds like a gift from God. After all, we could start undoing a lot of the hurt we’ve caused our planet. Or would we… Read More