Month: February 2016

What Every Consumer Needs to Know About Their Pharmacist

Pharmacists provide knowledgeable, affordable and accessible health care services. In these days of skyrocketing medical costs and doctors who have limited time to spend with patients, it’s good to know all that your pharmacist can do for you…. Read More

Teaching Your Kids To Have Healthy Boundaries

Even when your children are quite small, it’s important to begin instructing them about boundaries between themselves and others. A child who grows up in a home having healthy limits will also learn to apply such boundaries in… Read More

Simple Diet Changes That Pay Big Rewards

If you’re juggling a full load of family and career responsibilities, it can be difficult to devote much time or thought to your diet. These are simple and effective changes you can make to the foods you eat… Read More

Loving Your Body: Accept Your Body Image Now

Throughout life, you’ll discover personal attributes that frustrate, challenge, or maybe even disgust you. Perhaps you don’t have those beautiful blue eyes you want. Maybe you always wanted to be tall but, alas, you’re short. You might pine… Read More

Learn To Love Humidity and Cope With It Better

There’s a lot of truth to the old saying that it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity. If moist air is making you uncomfortable, these are some methods that will help you cool off and maybe even feel… Read More

How to Make Fitness a Habit

Fitness can be elusive. We all want to be fit but we can’t quite seem to make it happen. The challenge is that fitness can only be improved minimally from day to day, so it requires many days… Read More

6 Good Reasons to Keep Asking Questions Like You Did When You Were a Kid

Have you become more inhibited about asking for explanations as you got older? These are 6 good reasons to hold onto that sense of inquisitiveness. Read on to discover some key questions to ask about your relationships, career… Read More

Helping a Survivor of Domestic Violence

You’ve experienced your friends navigating through challenging times. Being an observer of those close to you going through devastating events is emotionally painful and even frightening. Yet, you recognize that you’ve got to stay strong so you can… Read More

How to Promote Healthy Behaviors in Your Children

Health should be a top priority for you as you raise your children. When you start young, you can set your child up for a long and healthy life, just by promoting healthy behaviors now. Childhood Obesity Statistics… Read More

How to Reduce (Or Eliminate!) Insomnia

Nearly everyone will have trouble sleeping from time to time. However, if you can’t sleep for a large portion of the night or have trouble sleeping almost every night, you may have a problem with insomnia. Insomnia Is… Read More