Feeding A Family Of 4 For $40 Or Less A Week

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While I am starting my own little organic farm, we are definitely not a 100% organic family right now. Other than my sprouting experiments, we are not growing our own food either. We are just as dependent upon other humans to grow, pick, pack, ship, and sell us our food as anyone else.

In The Dirty Truth About Thrift Store Shopping and A Camping We Will Go, I shared how I’ve come around to my husband’s way of thinking about our finances and how that has affected a lot of our purchases and family outings. What I haven’t shared is how that affects our food budget.

It really doesn’t have
to be crazy expensive
to feed your family
fresh, healthier foods.
Variety may be the spice of life but it doesn’t make any sense to buy a lot of different spices, oils, and meal ingredients if you don’t have a plan to use them.

Menus are our friends!

Yes, it may sound boring but having a few basic go-to items will actually help you to stress less, save more, and even gain the freedom you need to get creative in the kitchen.


How can it be possible to be creative when you have to use the same base items over and over (and over) again, day in and day out?

Stick with me. I’ll explain.


5 Dozen Eggs | Feeding A Family Of 4 For $40 Or Less  A Week (media) | Pearl 'Penny' Lane Soliz | Happy Little Momma | My Epic Adventure for Peace, Happiness, and Success
5 Dozen Eggs
HEB Grocery Store – $4.86

Eggs. The tried and true go-to ingredient for many cultures around the world. Eggs with bacon. Eggs with sausage. Eggs with hotcakes. Eggs.

Bodybuilders love them for muscle building. I love them for how quick and easy they are to prepare. Five minutes or less from crack to done – even when I get a little crazy and add shallots, diced tomatoes, and top them with cheese! (I’ll get to the veggie purchase in a bit.)

Quick Tip: If you struggle to make those pretty omelets, you may want to invest in a higher quality, non-stick pan. You can also buy the non-stick spray, if you prefer.Pearl 'Penny' Lane Soliz | PearlLaneSoliz.com

This box will last us for at least two weeks, so the actual cost of this item is about $2.43.

Recipe Resources


Turkey Sandwich Lunches - $10.00 | Feeding A Family Of 4 For $40 Or Less A Week (media) | Pearl 'Penny' Lane Soliz | Happy Little Momma | My Epic Adventure for Peace, Happiness, and Success
Turkey Sandwich Lunches
H.E.B. Grocery Store – $12.71 (plus tax)

Okay, I confess that our lunches this week will be kind of blah. There’s a choice of Turkey Ham or White Turkey and either white labeled Sour Cream and Onion or Nacho Cheese chips.

It’s simple and filling.

To mix things up a bit, we can always opt for peanut butter and jelly or substitute a turkey-lettuce wrap. Condiments and toppings like pickles can also add a bit of zest, zing, and yum.

We’ll be drinking water. My toddler may have apple juice too. The husband likes to have a little Kool-Aid for flavor now and then but I prefer to limit that for the kids.

Don’t be afraid to buy the store brand! We wouldn’t purchase the HEB and Hill Country Fare white labeled items if they weren’t as good as (or better than) the name brand versions. Even for a fraction of the price, the savings wouldn’t be worth the waste of not wanting to consume something.Pearl 'Penny' Lane-Soliz | PearlLaneSoliz.com


Box of Chicken Quarters - $17.90 | Feeding A Family Of 4 For $200 Or Less (media) | Pearl 'Penny' Lane Soliz | Happy Little Momma | My Epic Adventure for Peace, Happiness, and Success
Box of Chicken Quarters
Local Meat Market – $17.90 (with tax)

This box of chicken contained 38 chicken quarters. As this is only the second time we’ve purchased a box and we switched to a different meat market, I don’t know if this is going to be the usual amount we get. However, the chicken looks good, this meat market is closer, and it is $1.00 less. #Winning

We bought a 10 count box of gallon sized zip bags with sliders for $1.00 plus tax at Dollar Tree. 9 of those zippies now hold 4 chicken quarters and the last one has 2 chicken quarters.

Just like with the eggs, this chicken should last us for at least two weeks. That effectively slashes this expense to $8.95.

Recipe Resources


We are lucky enough to live in an area that benefits from the availability of fresh produce from both Texas and Mexico. There are a lot of fruit stands along the section of highway we have to commute regularly and a selection of flea markets (pulgas) with inexpensive, fresh produce.

Share your family’s shopping tips!

So, there you have it. My family’s grocery shopping for this week. I am working on building our pantry up but other than some macaroni and cheese, I don’t think I’m adding anything this week. We are dealing with ants and I’d rather not bring more potential ant temptation in right now.

Your Tips

Do you have any favorite frugal grocery shopping tips and hacks? Don’t be shy! Share them in the comments below.

Wishing you much peace, happiness, and success,
Pearl Lane-Soliz | Mom. Writer. Blogger. Podcaster. | PearlLaneSoliz.com
Pearl 'Penny' Lane-Soliz

P.S. If you have any questions about any of my programs or services, or if you feel that I can ever be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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