Armed Forces Day

Armed Forces Day | Pearl Lane-Soliz | Mom. Writer. Blogger. Podcaster. |

One cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war. ~ Albert Einstein

Although we all have our own opinions on war, today is not the day to debate them. Today is a day to recognize and pray for soldiers the world over. Whether they are ours (USA), those of our allies or of our “enemies”.

What’s The Difference?
  • Armed Forces Day
    When: 3rd Saturday in May
    For: Currently Serving
  • Memorial Day
    When: Last Monday in May
    For: Died Serving
  • Veterans Day
    When: November 11th
    For: Retired/Discharged
Every soldier has his or her own reason – selfless or selfish – for signing up but it cannot be denied that it can be one of the most brutal jobs one can have. Brutal mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Today, I ask for you to join me in prayer for all soldiers. Even those who are not “ours”. Even if we eventually “win” the wars we are involved in, we will have lost many, many people. Maybe even some who would have been our greatest leaders.

Wishing you much peace, happiness, and success,
Pearl Lane-Soliz | Mom. Writer. Blogger. Podcaster. |
Pearl 'Penny' Lane-Soliz

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