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The Only Action That Matters

The Only Action That Matters | Happy Little Momma | Journal of a Homeschooling Entrepreneur

The only action that matters is action. Action constitutes the work, the steps, the “action” necessary to reach your goals and aspirations. While planning and creating your vision is a vital step that many fail to account for, it’s hard to fix it.

It’s so easy to get excited and create new plans and ideas repeatedly but never take the necessary first step or action to make it happen. As long as you create a realistic action plan for your business goals, you won’t fall into this trap.

Here’s how to create a realistic action plan for your small business:

Start With Your Main Objective

What is your company’s mission or your homeschooling goal for your child? Highlight 3 to 5 main objectives and why they are needed to be successful.

Break It Down

Then take each main goal and break it down into two to five smaller actionable steps. This means you should have a different to-do list for each main objective you created earlier. If you started with three main objectives, you now have three new to-do lists.

Put Them In Proper Order

Next, you must put them in a timely order. Start with the most relevant or urgent tasks. Keep in mind your daily schedule or any critical meetings.

Create Hard Deadlines

For each goal, set a hard deadline and don’t give yourself any more time. Please add the steps and tasks you need to do to complete that goal in your calendar and let yourself and other important people know about it. This way, you are sure to follow it and get it done.

Understand Your Limits and Be Focused

While the saying “the sky is your limit” may sound motivational, it can be unrealistic when running a successful business. You need to be laser-focused on your overall goal, and if you believe you can get everything, you may lose focus on what truly matters for your specific business and goals.

In other words, it’s the difference between staying on a clear road or always scrummaging to “shiny object” syndrome (aka squirrels). Shiny objects are leading you down a path of uncertainty and disorganization.

Each task you do needs to support your main objective; otherwise, you are putting in more input than is productive for the amount of output generated.

Lower Your Expectations

Especially if you are new to this business or anything, expect less from yourself and others. If you lower your expectations about everything you do in life, you’ll be less frustrated, but you will also know to schedule more time throughout your day in case you need a little extra time as you make mistakes and learn.

Lastly, don’t fear the first step. Stop planning and just get going. Take the first step. Make it so easy that you can’t avoid it. Get your first customer or create an LLC. As you get going, the momentum will give you the confidence and desire to keep going.

Wishing you much peace, happiness, and success,

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