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Schedule Routine Breaks To Avoid Burning Out

Schedule Routine Breaks To Avoid Burning Out | Happy Little Momma | Journal of a Homeschooling Entrepreneur

Did you know when you create too many things to do, you end up getting less done? Did you know scheduling more breaks makes you more productive too?

Research shows that giving yourself time to do nothing and unwind allows you to get your work done faster. In other words, scheduling breaks into your workday is crucial for success and highly productive for your family and your business.

Not only that, but breaks also provide many other benefits, including:

  • Preventing burnout and ensuring high productivity.
  • Reduces stress and supports creativity.
  • Ensures quality and innovative work.
  • Improves your mental health and happiness.
  • Creates proper work-life balance and profitable businesses.

If you don’t add breaks to your schedule, you won’t take them, and it will only negatively affect your business plan.

Break scheduling tips to keep in mind:

Schedule Short 5 to 15-Minute Breaks

Give yourself a short break every 75 to 90 minutes, and don’t permit yourself to schedule over it. Research shows that short burst breaks are best as they are just long enough to allow you to unwind but not long enough to allow you to lose focus and motivation completely.

Use Microbreaks Wisely

Completely step away from your work during your breaks. Don’t use this time for anything but give your brain and body the time it needs to relax and recharge. Get some fresh air, read a book, or take a small nap.

Stick To The Scheduled Time

Don’t book job tasks over your scheduled breaks, and don’t let your breaks run overtime either. Stick to it and use this time for you only, and don’t feel guilty for it either. If it’s in your schedule, it is not time you can use for anything else.

Taking Care of Yourself Also Takes Care of Your Family, Your Home, And Your Business

If you always feel bad about yourself or where you are in life, your feelings will affect your business negatively. You must take care of yourself and what matters to you the most to properly prevent it. Just like a baby will never heal a bad marriage, starting a business won’t instantly make you happy either, even if it’s one of your life’s goals.

Distractions VS Breaks: Know the Difference

Don’t just distract yourself. Breaks and distractions are different. Distractions waste your time and prevent you from achieving your goals. The point of a break is to unwind and feel refreshed and ready to get your work done.

Make sure you do things you know will accomplish these tasks. Avoid anything that leaves you feeling frustrated and lethargic. Don’t use this time to watch political YouTube videos or talk to a frustrating co-worker, for example.

In the end, breaks are beneficial to your productivity and success as a family and as a business as long as you actually schedule them and use them efficiently.

Wishing you much peace, happiness, and success,

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