A Hard Thing (Pick-Your-Brain FREEBIES Anyone?)

Are you considered an “expert” in your field by your friends or family? If so, you may have experienced the somewhat unpleasant phenomenon called “help on demand/request or you are a jerk”.

Although we are encouraged to train for positions that will allow us to provide for our families, we are somehow expected to also provide products, services and assistance for free when asked by our own friends and family.

While there is nothing wrong with helping and most of us desire to help anyway, it can become emotionally and financially draining.

If left unchecked, it can also lead to feelings of resentment and being used on the part of the “expert” and feelings of hurt and offense on the part of the “asker”.

During these times, it is important to remember that we all have something to contribute and a mutually beneficially agreement can and should be negotiated. After all, no one likes feeling used and most of us don’t like feeling like a charity case either.

Finding that middle ground and expressing yourself in a clear and respectful manner is a hard thing but definitely worth the effort.


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  1. I used to teach computer programs … so now at work, they turn to me for help for things they should know. I work in the retirement industry now. Happy blogoversary 🙂

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