Blogging: Your Electronic Notebook

CJ and the Webmom
We’ve noticed a trend lately. It seems like everywhere we turn, there’s a kid using a blog as part of his or her learning experience.

Whether it’s part of Language Arts or a virtual journal for the entire homeschool experience, kids are going tech.

We’ve seen kids with science blogs, nature blogs, citizenship blogs documenting their adventures in volunteering … The list is endless!

We are proud of these kids and their skills. We even follow a few of these smarties.

We aren’t sure why everyone else does it but homeschoolers sometimes use a blog as a way to build tech skills and a portfolio that can help open doors to higher education and awesome jobs.

Since the entries are dated and archived, all a parent has to do is either point someone to the blog itself or use a blog-to-book service and voila!

Yes, we know the internet can be a dangerous place. However, most parents (like the Webmom) will go out of their way to keep their child safe while still giving them room to learn and grow.

Have fun and stay safe,
CJ and the Webmom




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