Car Camping: We Do It

If you don’t know the story yet, we had a travel trailer we named Scotty but it was in an accident. Thankfully, no one was in it at the time and neither of us was anywhere near it.

It was a vintage Serro Scotty Sportsman Highlander and we were do-it-yourself restoring him. So, sadly, it was not worth the effort or money to fix the poor guy. He’s now being fitted as a flat bed trailer for use on the Webgran’s homestead.

A few weeks later, Daisy (the truck we were using to tow Scotty) shot a fireball out of her engine compartment while someone was working on her. She was sold to someone who said he would fix her.

Instead of giving up on our dreams of adventure after all of that, we’ve been traveling by plane and by Escape.

[su_pullquote]Yep, Scarlett (our Ford Escape) is our escape pod! :D[/su_pullquote]Besides having some really cool friends scattered around the United States, we’ve learned how to car camp.

It’s pretty easy to get started now that camping supply companies sell all kinds of camping equipment for SUVs and minivans. Even special tents!

Since we’re trapped uh, not traveling as much right now, we’ve had a lot of time to sit, think and remember.

  • Where have we gone?
  • What have we done?
  • What worked and what didn’t?
  • What is our absolute favorite gear?

[su_pullquote align=”right”]If you’ve been thinking about exploring but are worried that you need to have a lot of money, we’re living proof that you don’t have to worry about that.[/su_pullquote]We’ve had a lot of adventures but had our share of misadventures too!

In fact, we’re going to share our favorite low-budget, high-fun tips so that you can adventure no matter how you get there.


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