Car Seat Safety: Which Seat Is Right For Your Baby?

[su_quote cite=”Parents Central | Keeping Kids Safe” url=””]NHTSA’s Car Seat Finder is easy to use: Visit Parents Central to enter your child’s weight, birth and height, then find the right fit and compare car seats![/su_quote]

You know those cute but sometimes annoying commercials that talk about how a lot of parents don’t know they are using the wrong car seat or have the right car seat but have it installed the wrong way?

Well, we just had a question about Skylar Marie’s car seat and how she was fitting in to it. It was scary to think she might get hurt because we didn’t do our homework. A quick Google search lead us to Parents Central. The same website in those commercials!

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It was free, fast, easy, and – best of all – helped us make sure we are doing the right thing to keep our little tiny safe.

We highly recommend going through the site and checking out the helpful tools and hints. As we always like to say, “Have fun, stay safe, and God bless”. This site really helped us do that just now.


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