Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History (Part 1)

The Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History has a bit of everything on exhibit: prehistoric dioramas, oil industry facts, ranching history, the importance of corn and potatoes, the NAACP and LULAC, and at least two different play… Read More

Today We’re Visiting – Garza Park

One of the biggest decisions a family can make is where to spend their time and money. Sometimes it’s hard to know in advance if something is going to be appropriate for our kids, have the right amenities,… Read More

Tagging The Park – With Art!

Someone has been going around one of the local parks and ‘tagging’ the bottom of the picnic tables with actual artwork. Another park had a Che Guevara profile pic but we didn’t have our camera on hand to… Read More

A Spruced Up Bill Schupp Park

The city of McAllen, Texas’s Park & Recreation department definitely spruced up Bill Schupp Park! We have pics of various stages in the project but 2 years after it was dedicated, we’ve got this awesome image. As native… Read More

Cool (But Still Creepy) Tree

This tree seems to have formed a healthy, long term relationship with a vine that could have killed it. The building behind it? That is a local church in Pharr, Texas. Yep. This interesting display is part of… Read More

Eden Park Refuge

Iowa is a bit different that we envisioned it being. Yes, there are rolling farmlands but there’s also this amazing landscape just tempting you with adventure! Check out out our video presentation below. =) Have fun and stay… Read More