CJ’s Birthday Celebration – Part 8

CJ and the Webmom
In honor of CJ’s 9th birthday today, we are sharing 9 educational and super cool websites, every hour for 9 hours straight.

This eighth site is all about making chemistry kid-friendly.

Andrew Rader Studios has done a nice job of going over stuff like:

  • Matter
  • Atoms
  • Elements and the Periodic Table
  • Reactions
  • Biochemistry

The best part? It’s so not boring or totally confusing!

Rader’s Chem4Kids isn’t just for kids. It covers matter, atoms, elements, the periodic table, reactions, and biochemistry in a way that even parents might enjoy.

We highly recommend looking around this site because they also have some great sites covering astronomy, biology, earth science, physics and math.

Stay tuned because we’ve got 1 more awesome sites to share today!

Have fun and stay safe,
CJ and the Webmom




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