Crazy ‘Bout Crawfish Cajun Cafe

On the 18th of August, we stopped at the Crazy ‘Bout Crawfish Cajun Cafe in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. We know the reviews on TripAdvisor are split pretty evenly between “this place rocks” and “this place sucks” but our experience was pretty good.

What We Tried

The Combo PlatterCheesy Little PieCJ's Kids MealAlligator Bites We tried the combo platter with a little of everything and had alligator bites for an appetizer. It was all good except for the white rice. It was kinda bland.

The cheesy, mini-pies were so delicious that we graciously accepted an extra one from one of our companions.

[su_pullquote align=”right”]Alligator bites have the look of popcorn chicken, the texture of shrimp, and taste like – wait for it – chicken![/su_pullquote]If you like the spices that the Crazy ‘Bout Crawfish Cajun Cafe uses, you can actually buy a container or three on your way out.

How Much

There were four adults and one child at our table. The individual prices gave us sticker shock (we didn’t remember paying that much in that area before) but we were told it’s par for the course after the BP thing. After factoring inflation into the pricing we remembered, our table’s total (with tip) was pretty reasonable. It came in at just under $128. Not bad for huge plates of seafood.

Other Notes

The restrooms were clean. Our heavily pregnant server was really nice. Wish we could remember her name. Yes, we’ve got pictures of the food and their service was pretty good but what struck us as ingenious was their ceiling. They’ve painted business cards on the ceiling tiles!
Ingenious Ceiling
Later on, in Orange, Texas, we stopped at a diner (can’t remember the name) that had business cards professionally applied to their tables. We must have missed the memo. In all of our adventures, not once have we seen something like this! Is this a new trend or has this been around for a while? Oh yeah, Crazy ‘Bout Crawfish Cajun Cafe also serves food in fish shaped dishes or canoe-like artwork. CJ tried to buy one of the latter but no dice.

Final Verdict

Not bad but not totally impressive either. It may be that we’re accustomed to South Texas fare, South Texas spices. We felt the same way about a lot of the restaurants and diners we’ve stopped at. All things considered, we would stop by again.

Update: Sunday, June 29, 2014

Crazy ‘Bout Crawfish Cajun Cafe is a 2014 winner of TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence.


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