Edible Therapy

Cakes, cupcakes, cookies and chocolate have always helped me cope with the stress and myriad of events going on in my life. Not so much eating them – although I won’t turn one down if offered LOL – but creating custom visions to match someone’s personality and tastes.

It’s ironic but somehow fitting. I’ve realized that, although I’ve worked in almost every other industry, I find solace and relief in creating edible works of art. =)

Everyone needs an outlet. While you could turn to alcohol, drugs or other negative coping methods, finding something you love and can lose yourself in for a half hour (or more) while you regroup is extremely healing.

What do you enjoy? Reading, writing, knitting, crafting, woodworking, customizing vehicles … The possibilities are endless!

It doesn’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to turn it into a job. Please do not worry about creating a surplus of product either. You can always bring happiness to others by donating your work to your favorite charity or giving your fabulousness as a gift.

Find your bliss and bless the world with what’s in your heart.


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  1. I love this! I'm a bit of a fan of edible therapy myself.I actually don't love the cooking part, but I love the decorating & arranging!

  2. LOL I love the baking part. My cooking is, uh, shall we say "imaginative" and "inspired"?The decorating and arranging part is my favorite too. =)

  3. It's definitely easy to get lost in the blogsphere for hours! I try to limit myself to 7 but sometimes …Blog hopping is almost next to chocolate on my list. LOL

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