Free Child Safety Kit

We will be re-posting this Child Safety Kit every year,
for as long as it is available. [This is our fifth year.]

Since we can’t always be with your kids, it’s important to teach them how to find help and keep themselves safe.

Most importantly, we need to do this in a way that doesn’t scare us or our children. Instead, we want to build their self-confidence. Our kids will feel safer when they can confidently recognize dangerous situations and respond immediately.

The free Child Safety Kit can help us keep your children safe, even when we are not with them. With special no-scare methods for each age group, the Child Safety Kit includes:

  • Asking for help when no trusted adult is nearby.
  • Unacceptable adult behaviors that can threaten children.
  • Recognizing dangerous situations.
  • Ways to respond to dangerous situations and keep safe.

Additionally, parents are introduced to the “What If” game, an engaging way to teach safety to their kids, which can be fun and build self-esteem.

This free Child Safety Kit tells parents what they need to know, and how to say it to our children.

[ Reprinted (with minor edits) from the Polly Klass Foundation. ]

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