Lunch at the Corner Bakery Cafe

Running in to town for medical assistance (darn sickness!) without eating breakfast was NOT on today’s agenda. Until I found out it’s not just rain and cold we’re expecting.

Hail and friggin’ freezing temps (for us) is anticipated by 6pm tonight!

CJ and I abandoned our ‘wait the flu out’ plan in favor of running pre-storm errands … and some medical help. Beyond the 3 weeks of feeling like poop thing, we ran out of light bulbs and vitamins. Small but important things we’d need and would be silly to risk our lives for later.

So we piled into our Escape Pod (aka Ms. Scarlett) and zoomed in to McAllen.

Turns out, leaving without breakfast and arriving around lunch has it’s perks. Like stopping at the Corner Bakery Cafe. 🙂

The Corner Bakery Cafe seems to attract a well-groomed, mature lunch crowd but is open and friendly to families and children. Just follow the arrows to place your order, then sit wherever you’d like. Friendly waitstaff will be along shortly to deliver your order.

They also have a very nice, welcoming, and covered outdoor eating area. It is sheltered on the north and south sides by walls, while the Bakery itself covers the west side. I forgot to bring my memory stick, so I’ll add a picture of that when I get back home.

2 cups of delicious Cheddar Broccoli and some Truffle Mocha later,
we’re feeling mellow and happy.

Our soup was yummy and warm but we weren’t fans of the Truffle Mocha. Perhaps it is our sick taste buds or maybe it just isn’t our thing but it tasted a tad on the burned coffee side to me. The friendly staff more than made up for it though and I did here a woman in a group saying she stops by twice a month and hadn’t tried anything yet that she hadn’t liked.

Corner Bakery Cafe
4021 N. 10th St. Suite C4
McAllen, TX 78504

Penny’s Rating

3 out of 4 thumbs up. Two thumbs and one big toe. The coffee and CJ’s “creepy bathroom” comment kept the other toe from voting.


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