New Printables!

CJ and the Webmom
The Language Arts Dojo is proud to announce that we’ve added a few new Language printables to our Printables page! =)

In addition to the “I’m Working It Out!” math sheets and the “I’m A Writing Ninja” handwriting helpers, you will now see … drum roll please …

“I Am A Spelling Ninja”!

How To Use It
We’re sure there are several other ways but here are our Top 3 Ways To Use Our “I Am A Spelling Ninja” Spelling Helper:

  • Recommendation #1
    Write down your spelling test words on the first column. Use columns 2 and 3 to mark in the correct spelling of any words you may have gotten wrong.
  • Recommendation #2
    Practice writing your spelling test words before the test itself.
  • Recommendation #3
    Use it to refresh your spelling memory a couple of weeks (or months) after your spelling test.

As with most of our printables, you’ve got a few version choices. This homework helper comes in small, medium and large line height.

Click here to download yours now!

Have fun and stay safe,
CJ and the Webmom




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