Six Super Ideas for Summer Fun

CJ and the Webmom
Summer fun doesn’t all have to be about expensive days out or going on vacation. There are many things you can do for free or low cost in your local area and even in your home! Here are a few activities to have up your sleeve when you start to feel bored.

1. Local Tourist Information

You may not be a tourist in your hometown, but it’s well worth checking with your local tourist information desk, or even the local library, to find out whether there are any events happening in the local area. There’s usually plenty happening in the summer for families. Summer events offer something different and are great fun for the entire family.

2. Cycle Routes And Walks

Summer fun is all about getting outside and enjoying the weather! Check online to see whether there are any cycle routes or walks in your area that you’ve never tried before. You can also create your own and explore new areas of your hometown that you may never have been to before. If you’ve got younger kids in your house, you can transport them in a child seat on the back of your bike (like the Webmom would do with CJ), and have a picnic when you reach your destination.

3. Play Some Sports

Sports are a great way to keep your whole family entertained in the summer. Keep an eye out for your local leisure center offering deals specifically catered to kids who aren’t in school for the summer. You’ll often find that the costs are cheaper if you go at a certain time of the day, or if kids are under a certain age. You can get to try out a whole range of new and exciting sports this way.

You could even team up with other families in your homeschool co-op to rent out a whole sports facility for a great day spent being active! Or take it to the park with a simple ball to keep things free.

4. Your Local Library

Most of us don’t even realize just how much our local library has to offer. On normal days, parents can spend a few hours there while kids browse books and play in the children’s section. On other days, the library may host special art events, singalongs, or other fun (and affordable) events.

Our local library hosts monthly Milk and Cookie nights, Donuts with Dad reading time and usually always has something going on for storytime several times a week.

5. Take Pictures And Videos

Taking photos and videos really can be turned into a day full of summer fun for everyone! Use a digital camera (or a waterproof disposable one if you’re going to be in the water) and find fun things to take photos of. Get really creative. You might come up with more impressive shots than you might have imagined! Or simply record the family having fun all summer and put together some home movies to enjoy on a rainy day.

6. Talk To Other Families

Most of all, get talking to other families to get a feel for what’s going on in your area. This can mean talking in person or joining an online forum full of families who have kids of a similar age. Between you, you’ll be able to come up with some ideas for summer fun to satisfy everyone!

Have fun and stay safe,
CJ and the Webmom




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