Workin’, Workin’, Working .. Rawhide!

Alright so that’s not quite the way the song goes but I’m a techie in an ag state of mind. I’m working and have that Rawhide song stuck in my head. The whip and whistle part mostly.

Here I sit, tweaking a wonderful lady’s WordPress theme and thinking about my own neglected sites. Debating for the thousandth time if I should revamp them or just shut ’em down.

Those of you who know me a little better know that I created a business plan when I was 14. A plan that business professionals and lawyers alike agreed would work. It was intended to keep my family and the family’s resources together. However, the family had other ideas.

One of my uncles told me that it was a great idea but it would take a “rich man” to do it. I could never get them to understand shares, investors, or exactly who would own the thing. Heck, they accused me of trying to stay with “everything” in spite of the fact that the only interest I would have had in the place was whatever my Mom may one day leave me.

Ironically, a rich man did take part of my idea and run with it. Hence why the piece of property I called home is gone. Pffft. Vamooshed.

Anyway, before my exec job got axed last year, I set up a corporation fully intending to put my dusty plans in motion. The end came a little sooner than the writing on the wall had predicted though and that left me slightly off kilter for a while.

Then came that fateful #agchat. Yes, I know. I’ve blogged it to death. I don’t think I can ever fully explain how much it affected me.

It started with my blog design. Look at it. All cutesy cowgirl. Every time I see it I go .. awww. That little character looks like me. Evokes what I think my personality is like.

The more I talk to my ag Tweeps, the more I get that old fire burning inside. The part of me I thought was long gone. The ranch girl now has corporate experience. My family may have rejected my idea but what if I did it on my own?

What if …

Wishing you much peace, happiness and success,

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  1. You'll get where you want to be one day. That's the thing with ag – it gets in your blood, and there is no turning back. Good luck on your adventure. I love today's quote of the day.

  2. So true. It does get in your blood and you can't scrape it off! Thanks for the good luck. It's always appreciated. =)

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